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Multi Material 3D Printing Service

Adam's 3d

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I will manufacture your objects in up to five materials.  I charge an extremely affordable $4/hr.
If you have a solid STL file that you want split into a multi material file I offer a $75 service in a separate listing you can find below to make your single color model into a beautiful multi color piece.

Your models will be manufactured on the Prusa MK3s using the MMU2S MultiColor Printing Upgrade.  My machine is immaculately maintained and kept updated in top working order.
Your models will be sliced by an expert to optimize for the perfect balance of quality and manufacturing time.  All details will be adjusted specifically to your file.  If you have a focus on a specific adjustment such as high strength or fastest possible manufacturing time (lower cost) please note that under "Notes for Seller" when placing your order.

I enjoy working with my customers to see their production through to the end.  Let me know what your goals are and I will get you there.  If you have your model split into STL's simply upload them using the tool available at checkout. 

Once your order is placed I will slice your model for multi color printing and reach out to you with full quote price based on $4/hr print time. 

If you have material-specific requirements I can print in PLA, ABS and TPU flexible filaments.

Please check photo for colors I typically have in stock.  You can always request ones you don't see there.