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Cross Earrings

Adam's 3d

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I really love the way I designed this cross because its subtle details reflect light differently across its surfaces in such beautiful and interesting ways no matter what color it's made in and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I finish each one to remove as carefully as possible any imperfections that may detract from the individual cross. This includes plastic hairs or over extrusions inherent in 3d printing. The layered style of an individually printed item makes for an eye catching and ultra modern style in my opinion. I use beautiful filaments that lend their characteristics to my pieces and I pay close attention to the manner that each layer is printed. Underside Patterns, Topside Patterns and infills have all been tested and compared to produce what I feel is the most beautiful possible piece. I want my customers to have something made just for them, so I offer these earrings in a variety of carefully selected filament (color) options and earring hook colors. If there is a combination of these that you do not see available please send me a message and I'll make it happen.