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Aquarium Pump Nozzle Vortex Turbulent Flow Water Outlet for Fish Tank

Adam's 3d

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Random turbulent flow generator.

Increase the flow in your aquarium with Random flow. Improved flow area = Healthy Aquarium.  Please be sure of the size you need before ordering, feel free to reach out for assistance.

This fits typical locline pump water return line fittings present in most fluval tanks and many many other aquarium filter setups.  I sell this because I tried it in my community tank and it has made a notable difference in the demeanor of my fishies.  I have three tiger barbs and seven indian rice fish who used to spend a lot of time relaxing in place.  Since replacing the duckbill nozzle end with this they now happily explore the tank and keep themselves busy.  I think this is an excellent improvement to any tank.